Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches ( Cars from European auctions – available to everyone!

European Auction

Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches is your reliable partner in the world of European car auctions. The company helps clients from all over the world to buy cars profitably and safely at the best auctions in Europe, without leaving their homes.

  • Remote contract signing: Clients don’t need to go anywhere! All necessary documents can be signed electronically.
  • Payment in any convenient way: The company accepts payment by SWIFT transfer to the auction account or by USDT cryptocurrency. When paying with cryptocurrency, clients receive a 7.5% discount!
  • Minimum risks: The company guarantees the legal purity of the transaction. Each car is carefully checked before purchase.
  • Transparency: The company provides detailed information about each lot, as well as a loading report and shipping documents.
  • Fast delivery: The company will deliver your car to anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time. Delivery time by container ship is 4 weeks.
  • Convenience and simplicity: The company takes care of all the worries of buying and delivering your car.

What clients say about European Auction:

“I have long wanted to buy a car from an auction in Europe, but I didn’t know where to start. I contacted European Auction and did not lose! Everything was organized perfectly. I paid for the car with USDT cryptocurrency – it’s convenient and fast. Thanks to European Auction, my car is already with me!”

European Auction is your way to a profitable and safe purchase of your dream car!

Additional Information:

What cars can be bought at auctions in Europe?

At auctions in Europe, you can buy cars of any make and model, both new and used. You can find rare cars that are not available in your country.

How is the purchase of a car at auction going?

  • The client chooses a car on the auction website.
  • European Auction checks the legal purity of the car.
  • The client signs a contract with European Auction and pays an advance payment.
  • European Auction participates in the auction and buys the car for the client.
  • European Auction delivers the car to the client.

European Auction is your reliable partner in the world of European car auctions.

have made the Volkswagen Golf a true icon of European roads.

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